Fly with us to admire the most spectacular places in Switzerland in a Turbine Legend – an aircraft which is often compared to military training jets. Taking off from Grenchen, within 20 minutes we can reach the most beautiful lakes and Alpine mountain ranges. You decide which direction and we customize your experience accordingly. Book now and prepare for an extraordinary experience full of action and adrenaline!

The Aircraft

Turbine Legend is an American high performance Aircraft. Designed by Performance Aircraft. The Aircraft is known for agility and lightness. The power/weight ratio is similar to a fighter jet.

“The acceleration [during takeoff] is like a jet fighter.”

Doug Rozendaal

Twin & Turbine, IFR, and Kitplanes magazines, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner with over 10,000 flight hours in over 170 types of aircraft

Turbine Legend 750hp




Max Speed

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The Original. A flight in this aircraft ensures unforgettable moments full of action and adrenaline.

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Turbine Legend 1100hp




Max Speed

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The Beast. This Turbine Legend features a beast of an engine to gain more power and speed. The ultimate experience for adrenaline junkies. Landing late 2021.

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Preparation & Takeoff

Upon your arrival, the pilot will introduce you to the Turbine Legend and go through the safety instructions with you. After that, you will board the aircraft and head for the runway. Once there, the last safety checks will be finalised and the jet booster ignited - and this is where the real fun starts! After a 15 sec. ground roll, you will take off at about 160 km/h. Then continues climb direction to the Training Area. Read the full flight instructions here

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Now you can sit back and enjoy the experience. Of course, time flies when you are enjoying yourself, therefore you have the option to prolong your flight in air. Being fully flexible in terms of the flight route, we can take you anywhere (some restrictions regarding airspace traffic apply). The famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau summits are for example just a 15 min flight away – so why not opt for a detour! For long-lasting memories, you can even have your flight recorded with a 360° GoPro camera at an additional fee. To get an impression of the in-air experience, watch one of our flights recorded as a 360° video.

Landing and Post Flight


Nothing lasts forever and eventually, we have to head back. Upon arrival, we will land softly back in Grenchen and park the Turbine Legend in the hangar before concluding our adventure with the debriefing and a chat about your experience.